Helping someone and being nice is one thing, feeling sorry for someone is another. Don’t confuse these two.

I think this goes to any problem in life, for anyone. There are some things pity just can’t and won’t fix. Don’t feel sorry; help. Help, when needed helps us move forward; pity just makes us sink lower and lower until we just can’t get up.


Some people just don’t know how to help. They think they do, and they have the best intentions but they don’t do it in the right way.

Honestly I just want people to stop feeling bad for me. I just want to be treated normally and just go back to being me. And that is what I’m supposed to be getting ready for, but people just don’t seem to understand that I have gotten a lot better, the last thing I need is for them to pity me and I just want to go back to how I was a year ago.

I think it makes people feel good that they feel like they’re helping but it really doesn’t.

Be happy, and if you need help:

#nopity #behappy #happy #pharrell

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