What this brain injury survivor is thinking

As I’ve already said, I was very lucky, but I think all traumatic brain injury survivors should be treated with the same care I was. They should be given the same opportunities I was, and there should be less people suffering from brain injuries, or the thing that comes after a brain injury, which is way worse; death caused by this. People should know more about this and be aware that this can happen to just about anyone, anywhere, for any reason. And I know you have to be thinking, but why does she keep coming back to this? Why doesn’t she move on? I have moved on, but this will always be a part of me and I just want to help others and minimize the number of people who are put in this situation. This is not only caused but being in car accidents, as I learned from a trainer at the gym, it can be caused by jumping into very shallow water from a dock or any other situation where you hit your head.

Now I just want people to be aware that as unbeatable as we all think we are, we are not. Right now you must be thinking, I’m on top of the world, I’m going out drinking with my friends and ill just walk home drunk as hell, but it’s ok because I’m not driving under the influence. Or any other situation, it doesn’t even have to involve alcohol or cars, it can be anything; but from the other cases I know, most of them have involved cars or alcohol, or both.

I also want hospitals and doctors to be aware of this and be able to treat patients correctly. Not only when they first come to the hospital; but after, in therapy and follow-ups. Patients don’t just heal after they leave the hospital. As I think you have all seen, I am still not 100% ok. Three years and I still can’t let go of it. Three years and I’m still angry and confused. I try to let go. I can listen to “Let it go” a thousand times (love that song), but it just doesn’t work.

Writing is the only thing that relaxes me and even if I’m writing the same thing in different words and orders, it just takes me away to some other place where I can relax. I don’t know where I am but I’m somewhere with a never-ending supply of cheeseburgers, fries and chocolate and I’m just happy.


2 thoughts on “What this brain injury survivor is thinking

  1. Hi Maria,

    No, you’ll never be able to let go of it, it is part of you forever. I’m glad that you received good care & that you want the best for other people & I think that’s wonderful!

    You are still in the relatively early days but it sounds like you’re doing really well, I’m very happy for you.

    TBI, or any kind of acquired brain injury (ABI) can occur in many different ways; falls, strokes, brain bleeds (SAH, AVM to name just 2) and the effects can be very similar to TBI.

    Thanks for your post 💚💚

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