Respect you, me, our beach

I know it’s coming a little late, but I had a kind of hectic weekend and Monday,  Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers out there. Also, I had a kind of disappointing experience at the beach this weekend. It wasn’t so much about the trash this time, the trash cans where so full, no more trash could fit in them, so good job everybody! My problem was with people just not reading the signs and following the rules.

We went to one of my favorite beaches, Bahia Sucia. It’s beautiful, and a lot of people like it because almost every time I visit it, it’s packed. It has so much space everybody fits there fine. My problem was with the parking. Parking there has always been a problem.   People parked everywhere because the parking was not labeled correctly. Now they labelled it correctly, where you can park, and where you can’t park. But a lot of people; I guess the don’t know how to read, don’t understand drawings, or just don’t want to look at the signs; they just park on the places that clearly say no parking. They can’t say they don’t understand them. They are written in Spanish and have a picture over the phrase “No estacione” (No parking).

I do not understand why people would rather get a ticket and harm our beautiful beach so they park a few steps closer to it. Again, this is one of my favorite beaches in Puerto Rico, and not just that, and I have to say it again, don’t hurt your, our and my home.

#bahiasucia #caborojo #noestacione #noparking

Thank you for letting me say that, now moving to another thought I just realized a few hours ago today.

I keep wondering why people are so mean to me by just ignoring me, or not taking me seriously?  Why do they think I am  not smart anymore? Why do they think I can’t do stuff anymore? But what I should be asking myself is, why don’t I change their minds? Why can’t I show them I am a new, stronger person? You  can’t  make people  change their minds about you. Am I scared and not sure about myself?  Maybe I should just forget what they think, stop trying to prove myself to them, and forget what they think about me. This is another thing I have to work on so I can go on with my life and leave all of this behind.

And we should all do this, not just me, everyone. If you want people to change their mind about you, to treat you differently, the way you deserve; prove them wrong by working hard and always be the best you can be.

#thankyou #treatmethewayideserve #changethairmind #whatdoyouthink

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