We need to decide and this is what I think

I left my island, Puerto Rico, for four days last week. I didn’t go far, just 45 minutes away; but it felt like I went further. I was in a hotel filled with American tourists, everyone spoke either English or Spanish, but it still felt like I went far away. I didn’t feel unsafe or in danger at any moment; and I was very happy because I had a great time. I always knew I was safe; I just felt farther away from home than I was. I didn’t realize it until I heard somebody else say it, there is something about being in American soil that just makes you feel safe, and we weren’t in American soil. I didn’t feel safe until we landed in Aero Puerto Luis Munoz Marin, the airport in Puerto Rico.

Now just wait a minute until you start criticizing me if you feel differently. You all have the right to your own opinion and I have a right to have mine.

First of all I love my home Puerto Rico and like I’ve said before, we have nothing to envy from any other island. Our home is beautiful, we have a beautiful culture that we love and cherish, and our history is unique. But we cannot deny that our history has been marked since the Treaty of Paris was signed in 1898. Since then, we have been a Commonwealth of the United States, and we have been in a fight with ourselves, our government has been divided into three main political parties, we still don’t know what to do, and things just keep getting worse.

I say enough is enough. This just has to stop. Politicians need to stop politics and really do what needs to be done. Forget about votes, next elections, or the news. Just do what needs to be done.

I go away for four days, then I come back thinking “Puerto Rico is such a great place to live! I love my island!” Then I hear worse things than I did four days ago when I left. And, as all of this is going on, taxi drivers and truck drivers are complaining.


One problem at a time people!


I have never been one to argue about politics, I do not like our political parties since each one is worse than the other, but I think it’s about time we decide if we need to become a state in order to solve all of this. As I said before, I am tired of all of this and I think it’s about time we clean up. It is going to be hard, it won’t be easy but it needs to be done.

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