My fellow lefties…

I just read an article about the everyday struggles for left handed people. I don’t know how many articles about the same thing I have read and I do not like any of them. I am left-handed and yes I know what they are talking about it but I still survived. I learned how to write, I graduated high school and college, I have worked, I am just like everybody else. The fact that most things where created for right handed people, by right-handed people does not bother me because most people are right handed.

There is no problem with learning how to work through this, we sort of learn how to use both hands. I got a lot of therapy for my right arm after I had surgery, almost three years ago. I think learning how to survive in a right handed world is a great thing for all left-handed people and people should just try it. We have two arms so we can use them, if we weren’t meant to use our stonger arm and hand, we would just have one arm.

I have seen and heard that there are a lot of things made for left handed people now, like scissors, school chairs, etc. But there is still another side to all of this. There are a lot of left-handed people who grew up using everything made for right-handed people and got used to this, like me. If you give us a left handed scissor, for example, we do not know hot to use them. This is not right for us. We did not grow up thinking “this is a right handed scissor”. We just thought this is a scissor and we learned how to cut with that scissor. We did not grow up with notebooks for lefties, we just grew up with notebooks, and we were fine with it.

So why does all of this is a problem and left-handed people are treated as a group separate from everyone else? I don’t think this is necessary because in the end, we gain more from learning how to live in a right-handed world. You can ask me to write with my right hand and I could write something; it won’t be pretty, but I can do it. Right-handed people can’t do this. I’m not saying all of them, but it is usually harder for them.

This is just what I have noticed, I do not have any real facts for any of this so don’t quote me or think that I am making any of this up. I am just speaking up for my left-handed peers and speaking from experience.

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