Because I have been diagnosed with Epilepsy, I now follow the Epilepsy Foundation on Facebook and I bookmarked the website on my computer. I have found it really helpful because reading their articles helps me understand and know more about my seizures and what causes them.

I just read an article titled Stress, Anxiety, Depression. This caught my attention because I have been told that these can be triggers for seizures. I wanted to know if there was something else I had to do, besides taking my medicines. As I read it, I saw that I have been managing my feelings and emotions well, getting enough sleep and writing down my emotions.

I know this last one helps a lot. I read that writing down your feelings helps and I really believe this. I write almost everyday, even if I erase it after I write it or don’t put it on my blog, I write. It’s something that just helps me feel better, as I wrote on my post Why I write.

But now I’m really sure that I’m doing things right and I can say I’m doing everything I can to control my epilepsy.

Here is the link to this article and other helpful and interesting articles about epilepsy.

Stress, Anxiety, Depression

kickin epilepsy's butt

3 thoughts on “Epilepsy, I’m kickin your butt!

  1. Como siempre, EXCELENTE ARTÍCULO!!! Esta información me ayuda aún más para trabajarla con mi hijo!!! GRACIAS KIKI!!! ERES UNA CAMPEONA!!! 😍

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