I just spent the whole day walking.  I was wearing very comfortable shoes, and I didn’t feel tired; until I stopped walking.  That’s when it hit me.  I was exhausted, I felt it as soon as I sat down in a very comfortable chair in my grandpa and grandma’s house.  There was a lot of noise nearby in the kitchen, where my family was dealing with termites that are eating in their kitchen.  The kitchen is right next to where I fell asleep.  It was annoying while I was awake, but the great thing about my sleeping habits is that once i’m asleep I don’t hear anything.  I didn’t care about the noise, I just had to sleep; and I did.

I don’t know how long I slept, I just woke up because they woke me up to go out to dinner.  I went, we had dinner, and we came home. Now Im writing, and I still feel tired.  I warned everybody not to wake me up tomorrow, I will sleep until I feel like waking up.  Today, Saturday, was a very long day.  Tomorrow is Sunday, lazy Sunday and the only thing I want to do tomorrow is sleep and rest; and that’s what i’ll do.

I will probably write tomorrow, but that’s it. Well, and eat, but that’s it.

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