I have been conscious during my last two seizures and since then I’ve wanted to explain what I feel during the seizures, I just didn’t know how to explain this or if my descriptions would make sense to anybody.  But today I found an article, which describes what happens and what people may feel during a seizure.  I do not have all of these, but I did find what happens to me during a seizure included.

What happens during a seizure

While experiencing the Aura, or the warning that a seizure is coming, I have weird feelings that this has happened before and memories that just won’t get out of my head.  When I notice that these are weird thoughts, I can’t get these out of my head.  Then I start feeling a little lightheaded.

The first two years after I was diagnosed, I blacked out.  I didn’t know when I was going to have a seizure, or remember anything during the seizure.  Now I kind of hear things but I can’t answer, and my vision is kind of blurry.  I remember me thinking, when will the seizure end?  But I can’t speak, or answer the people who are with me.  I remember tremors in my legs and I think my arms too.  I remember my legs because I could see my right leg moving, but my arms were tired after.

When the tremors end, I just lay there.  I am just tired, when I can get up and talk, I’m just tired and I can’t speak very well at first, it takes a few minutes.  My thoughts also take a few minutes to make sense again.

I know what happens to me during a seizure, but I don’t want it to happen again.  I’ve had it under control for almost five months now.  Since I was diagnosed, the longest I have had it under control was 4 months, but I am very positive that my neurologist has found a way to control it with my current medications.  Quitting Diet Coke may have also helped.

I have a good feeling that we have put an end to this.

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