I tried, I failed 

I had never been on a diet, I had just heard about them, but never even thought about going on a diet. It always sounded like such a torture, and why?  That was until the day I decided I needed to go on a diet. 

It all started the day I decided to give up Diet Coke, earlier this summer.  I thought that would make me loose the few pounds I had put on.  However, I kept feeling like I was eating more.  I was hungry all the time and I desperately ate my breakfast, lunch and dinner, and this was not normal for me.  I have always been a very slow eater, usually the last person to finish the meal at the table, and it was very weird that I would eat a whole plate of food.  I always stopped eating because I was full, not because there was no more food.  

I quit Diet Coke to loose those few pounds, but I just gained a lot more.  I got to the point whereI decided to go on a diet, yesterday.  Yes, a diet, because quitting Diet Coke hadn’t been enough torture, adding a diet to that was going to be great.  It sounded ok, until we went to dinner last night. What did I have? Soup, salad and water.  Just thinking about it is making me hungry.  It was good, I like salad and I like soup; but I like to eat it with something else.   

After this, after a 40 day diet that just made me gain weight, not loose it; I decided to go back to my Diet Coke, but not go overboard with it.  I will control what I eat, I am not a little girl anymore.  I will not drink an excessive amount of Diet coke, just because it says diet, or drink or eat anything in excess.  

I never want to regret eating. I want to enjoy eating, because I always have, but I don’t want to be ashamed of this. I hace described eating as muy favorite, or one of my favorite activities; I want to keep it that way.  So I will continue to eat what I like, I just have to remember to take it easy on everything because nothing in excess is good and I am not a teenager anymore.

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