I just finished a job interview. I wont say where, or what the job was, but it went well, or at least I think it went well. At least it went better than my last interview. Here I was calm and comfortable.

Before the interview I was very nervous, during the interview I felt calm, now I’m very scared. I have no idea what they thought of me, if I gave them the answers they were looking for, or if they liked me for the job. Now I feel nervous again.

It was only two people judging me, so I can handle that, but I kept forgetting what I was saying, or what I wanted to say. I don’t know if lack of memory during stress and nervousness will be a negative factor for me when they are making their decision.

I am still nervous, and I can’t stop writing. I just want to eat a hamburger. I think that will calm me down. I don’t know if it will, but I think it will work. I really hope it does.

I blame not getting the job at Build a Bear on it being a group interview, not talking enough and not answering some of the questions. Here, it was just me, I talked and I answered all of their questions. I accepted their drink of water; which actually helped me calm down a little bit and helped me take a moment to think.

I still think I could have said more, but I’m not sure it would have been relevant for this job. I tried and did the best I could; now I have to be calm and wait.

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