I keep hearing about war here and there, terrorist attacks, murders, robberies, and the list goes on with news about tragedies and just bad things going on around the world.  One problem ends, another begins.  Things just keep getting worse, outside as well as here at home and I can’t help but start to loose my faith in humanity.  Then, I see something that helps me find it.

This time it is was seeing this today

21 beautiful moments of humanity from the ongoing refugees

After seeing this, I was amazed that there are still good people around the world.  It was incredible seeing how Irak, Lebanon Jordan, Turkey and countries in Europe are uniting to help Syrian refugees, and making them feel safe when they had been forced to leave their home.  These countries are helping refugees from Syria, as their home has been in a civil war for four years, and more than 200,000 people have lost their lives in this war.  They are staying in refugee camps, where they are safe.

The fact that other countries are helping so many refugees makes me believe that we can always find some good in the bad.  The problem in Syria is not good, and helping the refugees does not solve the problem, but it helps.  These countries are just doing the best they can, and seeing people helping by welcoming them into their country and to a safe place is just amazing.  The war continues, and more people keep dying everyday but these countries are doing the best they can to help refugees.


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