Today I decided to read other blogs.  I started reading blog posts by other writers, or aspiring writers, like me.  I thought it would help me, but it wasn’t as fun as a thought it would be.  What I read was how there are no jobs, how they have quit jobs to pursue writing but now can’t find one, basically discouraging any aspiring writer from pursuing his career.

This got me a little down at first, but then I thought, what are the odds of me being the next J.K. Rowling or Isabel Allende.  All I could see were excuses for not being successful and not trying anything else and instead of discouraging me, this just motivated me more.

I know that being a writer is hard, very hard, but instead of discouraging me, this made me want to work harder and to put more than everything into my journalism masters and my writing.  These blogs really helped me in reminding me what I shouldn’t be doing.  I don’t have to blame the universe or find excuses, I just need to work harder and keep writing.



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