Focus T25- I finished!

I'm happy to say I have completed the Focus T25 videos, all 10 weeks and I am alive. There really was nothing to be scared of, at least as long as you do it at your own speed and level. That's exactly what I did, I followed the modifier when I had to and followed … Continue reading Focus T25- I finished!


I am that scaredy-cat

I say I can’t do stuff because of my head injury and that’s partly true, but I can move past that like my former psychologist told me.I think I can but it's very, very scary and I don't want to be brave sometimes because I don't want to get hurt again, I want to protect … Continue reading I am that scaredy-cat

Let’s do this!

This Sunday, I will complete my fifth 5k in 3 years. 5 in 3 years! I think that’s more than I have done in my lifetime. Before this I had done 2, maybe 3, but that’s it. Now, I've been running at least one 5k a year. It’s hard to believe that I would be … Continue reading Let’s do this!

Don’t make excuses, just do it

Today I decided to read other blogs.  I started reading blog posts by other writers, or aspiring writers, like me.  I thought it would help me, but it wasn't as fun as a thought it would be.  What I read was how there are no jobs, how they have quit jobs to pursue writing but … Continue reading Don’t make excuses, just do it