I’m scared because everywhere I go I see Halloween decorations. This has never been my favorite time of year. I am not that brave when it comes to all this spooky stuff Halloween’s about. I don’t mind dressing up and I do not mind getting candy, if this candy is a chocolate.

I just don’t like the scary stuff like the decorations, movies or scary costumes. I think it’s great for other people who are not scaredy-cats like me, but I just don’t like it. This is why I don’t really like October; it’s all about Halloween. Everywhere you go they have the zombie, ghost, spider and spider web decorations.

This is scary, and why do we have a time of year when people think it’s fun getting scared? Getting scared is not fun; at least I don’t think it is.

The only thing I do like about all of this is that when it’s over it means Thanksgiving is coming and I love turkey.

Here’s and idea; dress up like a turkey!  The turkey costume is great; I mean look at this:

images (12)


2 thoughts on “It’s October and I’m afraid

  1. Maria Cristina.
    I”m with you, I don’t like Halloween. The energy that all the ghosts, zombies, demons, skeletons and other “scary” things put out is dark(satanic) so I stay away. They represent death and I’m not a big fan of death. Thanksgiving is a great holiday and very positive and I don’t even eat turkey(lol).

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    1. Thank you, I’m not the only one!Just the food in general at Thanksgiving and the fact that it’s the beginning of the holiday season are great. But Halloween no, that’s just scary. I like food and not being scared.


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