It made me feel a little bad seeing what I posted two years ago.  I saw that two years ago today I was celebrating being able to run for 8 minutes, I was celebrating something that made me feel so proud I shared it with everyone to see.  I feel bad because today, two years later, when I should be able to run more, I was not able to do this and I usually am.  After not working out since last week and barely working out in the last few weeks, it was very hard just to run for 5 minutes.  I had to divide those five minutes into running for two minutes first, walk for a few minutes and then run for the other three minutes.

I know this doesn’t sound like a big deal, it’s not like I quit, but it made me feel bad seeing how excited I was two years ago, and how I said “this time last year I was learning how to walk”. I feel like I have been kind of slacking.  Two years ago, when I was just trying to do this again, I ran more than I did today.  I cannot keep this up; I need to keep moving.

This picture came up on the Timehop app on the right day because I need to get up and keep moving, fast or faster that I was two years ago.

Never quit, never stop, and keep giving it your all.


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