Even though my seizures are controlled and reading about this really scares me, it’s SUDEP Awareness Day and I feel strongly about this and all things related to Epilepsy.

So, what is SUDEP and why is there awareness?

SUDEP is the sudden, unexpected death of someone with epilepsy.  This can be the cause of death for epilepsy patients with uncontrolled seizures.  We always need to take our medicine to keep our epilepsy under control. We cannot say “I don’t want to take my medicine today” or “I forgot”. I cannot say “it’s been six months, I don’t have to take them”.  

In most of the cases, people are found laying facedown and studies suggest that they may have suffocated.  Because of SUDEP, epilepsy patients are told not to sleep facedown. 

If you are not an epilepsy patient, you probably know someone or will meet someone who is; I think everyone should know at least a little about this.



2 thoughts on “SUDEP Awareness Days

  1. I was only barely aware of SUDEP until reading this post. So first, thank you for the information, and second, I wanted to share that I am genuinely happy for you that your seizures are able to be controlled by medication. Unfortunately, mine cannot. (At least not yet, we’re still trying!) And finally, thank you for having the courage to write about your epilepsy. It’s taken me almost 20 years to be able to do it. Well done and bravo!

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