We always focus on the big things, not on that little moments leading up to that big moment. They can be just as great, or make that big moment more special because you saw all the work that was put into it.

For example, being able to complete your degree, or ace a class. Enjoying the process leading up to that point is what’s important. It’s the small moments, like getting an A on a quiz or completing an assignment that really matters. Don’t focus so much on the future. Don’t focus so much on making a mistake. Learn from that mistake. Take it day-by-day; learning from these mistakes and achieve new things every day. This will get you to that big moment and you’ll see that every minute was worth the effort.

I am grateful every day that goes by and I don’t have a seizure. I am thankful every night when I go to sleep and I didn’t have a seizure. I am thankful every week and then every month I don’t have a seizure. I am thankful I am just two weeks away from making it to 7 months, seizure free. As happy as I am everyday, every week and every month, these are just warm ups for when I reach a whole year, seizure free.

Don’t focus so much on the big picture, just focus on each one of the little pixels, one at a time. When you see the whole picture it will be even more beautiful. You will see all the effort and hard work that were put into making it. You can see what it’s made of. You will appreciate it and enjoy it more.


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