Happy October 31st! It’s the end of the month, 25 days till Thanksgiving, 54 until Christmas and 61 days until New Years Eve.

Oooh and Happy Halloween.

But today is not just about the things that scare us, it’s about being able to move on from these scary things; it gets better. Tonight I saw some people dressed up, some were too old to be walking around the city dressed up.  Once you get to a certain age, wear a costume if you’re going to a halloween themed party, you don’t just walk around wearing a costume.  The only little kids who i saw trick or treating was a small group who went to the restaurant where I was having dinner.  I didn’t have anything to give them and I was scared they would be expecting something but they were very polite.  When I said I was sorry, I didn’t have anything, this little girl was very polite and she said oh it’s ok don’t worry.  I felt bad for them but at lest the restaurant was ready for them, they did have candy.  I even took some M&M’s and Snickers before I left.

I guess I did go trick or treating.  I got candy from the restaurant, then got ice cream and I was kinda wearing a costume because I was wearing a Star Trek hoodie.

There goes my being too mature for dressing up or trick or treating.


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