OMG! I just took an online exam. First exam I take in over three years.

I was terrified when I read the questions but I found a way to answer it. I didn’t start at the beginning. I read the questions and when I saw a question I immediately knew I could answer, I answered it. As I began answering the questions, the answers to other questions started coming back to me.

Also writing just helps things come to me. When I was writing one sentence, I started thinking about what to write next. I was scared, but I had fun doing this. It was the same feeling I get when I’m writing anything else, and essay, an article, or anything.  When I’m writing i’m just having fun. As stressful as a test is, when I get to write the answer to a question, not choosing A, B, C, or D; I always feel more comfortable and enjoy it more.

Let’s just hope that I answered correctly.

(Btw, that’s my happy place up there)


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