Almost done

I'm almost done with my first project, which has taken como close to 24 hours, of course not all on one day. In this first project I have learned how to make my own map on Google Maps, how to use Streetview and how to watermark photos. This is a lot of work, but I'm … Continue reading Almost done


The next adventure

And finally, I want to thank all of you for reading my blog. This is a dream come true for me, having so many people reading what I write. Keep liking and sharing my blog posts, and keep following my blog. I think the list came to an end and I'm pretty sure I mentioned … Continue reading The next adventure

Post Graduate Certificate

My first attempt in taking a graduate class didn't go as well as I hoped, but I am ready to try again. I will start by taking one class in the Post Graduate Certificate at the best communications college in Puerto Rico, Universidad de Sagrado Corazon or Sacred Heart University. This will be just one more … Continue reading Post Graduate Certificate


Well check out what I found today: I knew this already, but seeing my reaction feels just like it felt seeing my reaction when I was accepted. Why did this have to happen? Why did I have to leave all this behind? Why? I have gone on to embrace my life as it is right … Continue reading Why?

Good bye 2015

Ten months ago I decided I wanted people to read what I was writing, so I started a blog. I thought I would only write a few times a month, and just so people close to me could read it, I didn't think anyone else would be interested. But people were interested, so I kept … Continue reading Good bye 2015

OMG! That was stressful

OMG! I just took an online exam. First exam I take in over three years. I was terrified when I read the questions but I found a way to answer it. I didn't start at the beginning. I read the questions and when I saw a question I immediately knew I could answer, I answered … Continue reading OMG! That was stressful

Keep calm and keep studying

I spent all day studying for my midterm.  I feel more confident than I did on Wednesday, but this has been the third day dedicated to studying.  I am putting all this effort into studying and I don't even know if it will be worth it, if I will be able to do well in … Continue reading Keep calm and keep studying

I have great news: It is official, I am going to start Grad School next week!

That’s right, I will star grad school at the end of next week, October 2 to be exact, but I am not going back to school; I still cannot return to Syracuse.  I will be taking this class online through the new online program that Syracuse University began to offer in July. I just got … Continue reading I have great news: It is official, I am going to start Grad School next week!

When I realized I was accepted

 It's old news, but I get so happy every time I see it. This was when I realized, after the accident, that I had been accepted at Newhouse to do my masters in journalism.  I had gotten the letter of acceptance before the accident, but I didn't remember.  I still don't remember getting it, my … Continue reading When I realized I was accepted