I woke up this morning with no intent of getting up. It's Friday, I don't really have anything important today. In my sleepy mind there was nothing special about this Friday, I hadn't been waiting for this day all week, all, 7 other days of this months, or for 12 months. But wait... I HAD! … Continue reading 1 year SEIZURE FREE!

I can do this

We have another interview today. That's right we, because I'm not alone in this, all my friends, family and followers are in this with me, so we have an interview.  This interview is for an internship, and I am very nervous. Nervous because I really want it, nervous because I haven't done very well in … Continue reading I can do this

OMG! That was stressful

OMG! I just took an online exam. First exam I take in over three years. I was terrified when I read the questions but I found a way to answer it. I didn't start at the beginning. I read the questions and when I saw a question I immediately knew I could answer, I answered … Continue reading OMG! That was stressful

First memories of 2012

After i woke up from the coma, I was taken to a rehab center. When I left the rehab I couldn't return home to Puerto Rico until I got surgery in my cranium again, so we went to my aunt's house in New Jersey.  While I was in New Jersey I started writing everyday so … Continue reading First memories of 2012