I want to distract people a little from all the bad news for a little while. It’s Sunday, so I want to share this amazing thing that I found on my go to news source; BuzzFeed. As I was looking over their Life section, I saw a story about churros and Oreo cookies. Of course, I immediately clicked on it because there is nothing wrong with Oreos or churros, and I was right.

Oreo came up with this amazing idea, Oreo churros. Apparently these were released a year ago; I don’t know if other people knew about this, but this is all new to me. When I first saw the article I first thought I was sharing breaking news, but no, I’m a year behind. But old or new, I still think it’s amazing.

If you can’t find them at the store or want to make your own, I added a link to BuzzFeed, where they share the recipe. Honestly, I want to get them at the store, I don’t really trust myself too much to make them, but if anyone want’s to try it, go ahead. After you make them, tell me about it. Also, if you already had them tell me, good or bad?

This new Oreo invention just made me so happy. I want to go and find out where I can find them.


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