I have a little problem now. I’m having trouble knowing when people are being serious and when they’re joking. I get angry at people, and then it turns out they were just kidding. There was nothing to be mad about.

I thought it was better and I was getting the hang of it again, I thought I knew when people were joking, but it happened again today. This time I think I went too far.

Today I hit my stepdad. It wasn’t like I punched him or anything, I just hit his arm. I didn’t get he was joking and I got really frustrated. It was just my first reaction to make him listen to me. I guess I felt we are so comfortable around each other, it was ok.

After I hit him I knew I went too far. I never hit anybody, but I thought he would kind of get that I didn’t think his joke was funny. Obviously that didn’t happen. I went too far. I let my frustration get too far and I didn’t think clearly. I was in the wrong and I don’t know how to apologize for not showing him the respect I have for him. I have to work on that.

But now that I’m thinking clearly, I would like to apologize. I’m sorry Jose,  I love you, and you deserve much more respect from me.


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