I didn’t think that the TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) affected the way I think so much, I thought it was mostly my attention span, and the fact that I don’t really have a lot of that right now; but that wasn’t the only thing. I don’t always get sarcasm anymore. I still am, or at least I try to be sarcastic, but I don’t always get it when other people are being sarcastic.

I was worried about this. Is it because of my short attention span? Am I just not smart anymore? I don’t know and I don’t think any doctor has told me; if they did I forgot.

So this really caught my attention when I saw it today. According to this article:

1. Sarcasm may be a sign of good brain health- My brain was obviously affected by my brain injury. I am still working hard on getting better.

2. It helps you pick friends- I already have good friends and have made good ones while not being sarcastic.

3. You’re good at showing affection- I show my family and friends affection so I don’t have a problem there.

4. It makes you more creative- I used to be more creative.

5.You know how to de-escalate a solution- Nope, I don’t, at least not       anymore. I pic a fight out of a sarcastic comment.

6. Sarcasm rules the world- No problem here.

7. Sarcastic people think on another level- This was the one that really worried me. If I don’t get sarcasm, on what level am I thinking?

8. It may have played a role in your survival- I didn’t need sarcasm to get through the whole situation that got me into not understanding sarcasm, and I’m fine, I just don’t always get sarcasm, so I don’t know how I feel about number 8.

9. Your snark may reveal where you’re from- People know where I’m from, if they don’t they can ask me.

10. You can give up being sarcastic- This one is a joke, but they need to review this one. I didn’t give it up, I lost it! Can you loose it? Will it come back? How do I get it back? Will I have to go look for it? You know like Peter Pan; he had to look for his shadow, maybe I have to look for my sarcasm.

And before I forget, here’s the article from the Huffington Post: 10 ways sarcasm makes you a better person





17 thoughts on “Serious or sarcasm?

  1. Sheldon on Big Bang Theory doesn’t get sarcasm and he is brilliant. I don’t always get it, and I’m no slouch . Plenty of smart people don’t get sarcasm. Of course Huff Post believes sarcasm indicates intelligence. I find them very sarcastic at times.

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      1. Well, you can do what I do — watch what others do and how they respond, and then mirror their responses (and laughter)… till I figure out what they’re laughing at. Sometimes I never do, but at least I get to participate. And I’ve been getting better about understanding. Still, people need to explain a lot of things to me. Oh, well. I can’t let it bother me — there are worse things I’ve got to contend with. Good luck.

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        1. That’s great advice, I should try that. And you’re right, there are so many other things going on that I need to worry about (for example epilepsy) that I don’t really need to spend my time worrying about this.


          1. Glad to hear it. One of the things that really gets me hung up, is being so used to “damage control mode” that I continuously look for things I need to fix. Some of them are valid, some of them are kind of silly and exaggerated. I have to get myself out of that mode, and actually acclimate to things being okay. Things have been not-okay for me, for so long, that it makes me nervous… but with practice, now I can safely say, It’s Perfectly Okay If Things Are Okay.

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          2. Oh, I have had a lot of seizure-like activity, over the years, and I still do, now and then. Spasms, uncontrollable repetitive eye movements, episodes of being absent, and what seemed like convulsions to me. But I could never describe it very well, doctors couldn’t reproduce it in testing, and none of my results came back showing anything of a neurological nature. They were never able to rule it out … or rule it in. I’m counting myself lucky, for the time being — and making every effort to not stress myself out over things. That keeps the weirdness at bay.

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      2. Of course, nobody likes being left out. It feels bad. The thing is, other people have no idea what our internal experience is, so at the very least, you can appear to participate – that solves half the problem and it puts people at ease around you, so they invite you to be part of their conversation.

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  2. El sarcasmo es un “Nice to Have”, pero no define el nivel de inteligencia de nadie. Esos son juicios valorativos de personas q no nos conocen.
    Desde lo que pasó, he tenido la convicción, no solo de que ibas a estar bien, sino hasta mejor.
    Si el sarcasmo es importante, ya volverá, como tantas otras cosas han vuelto.
    Si se fue, ha sido para darle paso a algo mas importante.
    Tu sigue como vas, que has llegado donde muchos quisieran.
    Sabes q me llenas de orgullo.
    Que esto no sea causa de estrés.

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