Three years ago, when I was still learning to walk again, I participated in a 5k. This filled me with hope because so many people showed support, not only for me, but for the rest of the people participating. This is a fund raising event for a summer camp for kids with special needs. Seeing the happiness in these kids’ eyes, the happiness in their parent´s, family, and friends’ eyes was something that keeps me wanting to do this every year. You don´t see this anymore, all we see is hatred, from the news, to the streets, from TV and movies, to the real world.

As I wrote this, I was talking to someone who asked me, what is wrong with the world? Well, this is a question and a feeling that we get pretty much everywhere we go, but I have not gotten this feeling during the three years I have participated in this event. I felt no stress and no anger, no worries; which is a nice thing in this world we are living in, where everywhere we look there´s another thing to be angry, sad, or scared of. I just saw happiness and pride in everybody´s ayes.

My therapists, friends and family joined me in this, and they were all proud when we finished, when I got to the finish line; happy that I put in all that effort and did not quit. I was happy about this, and that I was able to share this moment with them. That was the moment I felt like I showed everyone that I won’t be stopped. I liked this so much, I was a part of this for the next two years, running and walking, and I plan to do the same this year.

I will run to my goal, when I get tired I will walk, and then I will keep running until I get there; after all, I am unstoppable.


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