Last night I was having trouble concentrating because I was so happy I couldn’t think about how to express my happiness. Today, even though I’m still very happy, I can concentrate more and I hope I can put this happiness into words.

But I don’t just want to put it into words, I want to show it. This is why, a few months ago, when I celebrated my six months of being seizure free, I made myself a little reminder of this and I hung it from my bedroom door. After this, for the next two months, I have done the same thing, I keep a reminder hanging there all month long so I see it everyday, and I can not only remind myself how far I have gotten, but to see that I can and have to keep fighting.

Now I’m thinking, I’ve been able to do this for eight months, I can do this for eight more, or eighteen more. I remind myself that I can do this.


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