It was about this time of year, three years ago, I was starting to walk again. I was walking with a the help of a walker most of the time, but there were a few times that I could take a few steps by myself. And I tried, and kept trying to walk. My therapists challenged me to keep walking a little bit more every day. I wanted to keep trying too, and there was always somebody there to hold me if I fell, but I never let falling stop me. I kept trying to walk.

It’s hard to see these videos of me trying, and seeing how weak I was, but at the same time, I didn’t stop. No matter how weak, or tired I was, I didn’t stop. I kept trying, I kept getting stronger, it felt like a slow process, but in less than a month I was walking a little bit more.

Then came running, and I’m going for my fifth 5k!







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