This Sunday, I will complete my fifth 5k in 3 years. 5 in 3 years! I think that’s more than I have done in my lifetime. Before this I had done 2, maybe 3, but that’s it. Now, I’ve been running at least one 5k a year.

It’s hard to believe that I would be able to do this, considering the condition that I was in when I did my first one three years ago, but now I just want to do better than the first one. I want to keep showing I can do this. Not just show others, but also show myself. I want to remind myself to keep going. If I set this challenge for myself, complete a 5k, which is pretty easy for some people, I can set bigger challenges and goals.

My goal is to do this in less than an hour and to run. Run more, walk less. I don’t know if I can, but trying is the only way to find out.

Let’s do this





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