I had it all planned out, I was going to spend all day working on my final project, and I did, or I tried. I was in my house, sitting in front of my computer, with all the sources I have gathered in the last four weeks right there in front of me. For this final project we had to do a case study and write a 7 to 12 page paper and make a Power Point presentation to present to the class on the last day of class, and we have spent four weeks gathering sources for our final paper.

It seems unreal that the time has finally come; this is it, it’s all done next week. But I had it all planed out; I was going to stay home and work on my paper all day today. This is exactly what I did; I stayed home with my computer and worked on my paper and Power Point all day, but by the end of the day I had less than one page of my paper and about half of my Power Point presentation done. I kept looking at the page and scrolling up and down my presentation, checking again and again if there was any more of my whole day’s work in there somewhere, but there was no more. That was it, one day, almost eight hours of work and all I got done was 1 page and half a five-slide Power Point presentation. That’s it; I still can’t believe it.

I just couldn’t think while I sat in front of the computer. It all started coming to me when I was getting ready to go to dinner and while I was out having dinner, when I couldn’t write any of it down. Everybody around me was talking and I just sat there thinking about my case study; but I won’t complain about this because it all started coming together. I just couldn’t concentrate on anything else. I can only concentrate on one thing at a time now so I blocked out the other conversations at the table. I just focused on my chicken, not spilling ketchup on my white dress, and on ideas for my paper.

I hope that was not rude, but there was a lot of noise and I blocked everything out. It was either that or telling everybody to shut up. That is not nice and very rude, and people were surprised because I was very quiet and not bossy tonight.

But I should go write down the ideas I got before I forget because I think they were good ideas. I want to write them before I fall asleep.


2 thoughts on “Where did my ideas go?

    1. Nice, eso dice todo lo que yo sentí hoy, no salía nada por qué está ahí sentá, cuando me pare y me puse a hacer cosas me vinieron las ideas. A veces soy más productiva si me voy de casa, si estoy en la escuela con mami.


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