I found this post again, thanks to TimeHop. A few Christmases ago, this wasn’t the only thing I was celebrating, it was being able to move again. 

I’m sorry if my doing this made anybody nervous (perdón Mami), but I just had to. I didn’t want to wait for someone to help me, although I can see a lot of things going wrong with me taking these steps alone.

But I was able to do that, all by myself. It just took some patiece, but I was able to complete this self imposed mission for that day. And, every day was a new one.

2 thoughts on “My mission

  1. I love your post, Kiki! You are a very brave, smart, and beautiful young woman. Unstoppable indeed. We are all very proud of you, including my Mom. She loved you very much.

    You go girl!

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