So I just handed in my final paper. That’s it, my first grad school class is officially over. I’m done, I can relax and enjoy my vacation, except… I still have to worry about my grades. My grade on my paper and my final grade on the class.

But that doesn’t matter now, what matters is the fact that I finished my first class as a grad student, after a TBI. Not to brag, but that’s impressive. I can’t believe I did it. I was doubting myself and didn’t think I could do it after the midterm, but I did it!

I started, I took one class, now I want to take another one. It wasn’t easy, but who said getting a Master’s Degree was easy? No one. I just need to take my time. Maybe I can take the next class next semester, maybe I can’t, we’ll see. But I liked being a student again, even if I was taking the class in my room sitting in my bed. It was a new experience.


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