I have issues, issues with too many people around me. I was at the gym tonight and it was very, very, really full of people. I almost left, but as I was going to get my water bottle I noticed one person leaving, so I stood there for a second and thought, I need to stop looking for excuses; I’m already here and I’m almost done. The people aren’t being a problem, it’s me who has the problem, and I’m the one complaining because I gained 8 pounds.

I must have looked like an idiot walking around not deciding what to do, but I decided to stay, besides the machines that were full were the treadmills, which are what I use to do Cardio at the end of my workout. So I stayed, finished my routine and when I looked, the treadmills were empty.

As my stepdad always tells me when I get all nervous and make decisions really fast, stop and think about it. If I would have walked out I would be feeling guilty for not finishing and tomorrow, I would complain about gaining weight.

Just think about it before you make decisions.


2 thoughts on “Stop, just think about it before running away

  1. You’re right, Kiki. I myself can be too impulsive when making decisions and sometimes don’t consider that there are better options available. And especially, we have to be positive.


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