This morning, as I was eating breakfast, I heard this man yelling outside by the elevators. I didn’t know whom he was yelling at, I thought it might be one of the kids from one of the other apartments on our floor, but he just kept yelling. It was 8 a.m., people could have been sleeping, and others just woke up. I was half asleep, eating yogurt, and I was not in the mood for all that noise.

I couldn’t take it anymore and I went outside to see who was making all the noise. It was a man, yelling at the older woman who lives on our floor. It made me very uncomfortable to have to go over there, but the yelling had to stop. When I got there I nicely asked the man to keep his voice down, it was 8! I had to control myself and not tell him to stop screaming at his mother, the woman looked scared, and you don’t talk to your mom that way. You don’t talk to anyone that way, especially not an older person, who gave birth to you and wiped your a… when you were a baby. No, no, no.

Now I told my parents and they said I shouldn’t have gone out there, I know it could have been dangerous, but I couldn’t stand it. If you know me, you know that I don’t like not saying what needs to be said. If I wanted that man to shut up, I had to tell him. There was more to the story than I knew at the time, but it was still very rude, and he did not have to yell like that in the hallway.



One thought on “Don’t talk to your mother that way

  1. Terrible man. I agree that it was dangerous for you to confront him, but sometimes when I see terrible stuff like that, I can’t contain myself either.

    Nobody should ever yell or disrespect anyone, but especially your mother and children. Our Moms are the greatest gift we have, and they love and protect us always and forever.

    Even if a person is fortunate enough to find a great significant other, who loves them, respects them and makes them happy, no one will EVER love them like their Mother. Theirs is the biggest, purest love ever. Mothers always have our best interests at heart. They put their children’s interests before their own, and love their children more than they love themselves. And they will always forgive us and love us no matter what we do.

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