I took a break from going to the gym for two weeks, it was only supposed to be one, for my vacation to Disney World, but it ended up being two weeks. My parents got sick the week before, I didn’t want to ask them to drive me there while they were sick, and I can’t drive right now.

I didn’t think it would really matter because I walked so much that week I was at Disney it would be like I was going to the gym, but my thinking was stupid. I was walking all week, but that is not the same as as going to the gym because I didn’t do any weights or machines and I didn’t run. The heaviest thing I lifted was my suitcase.

So I’ve been to the gym twice since I came back, and I feel like I’m starting from scratch. Everything hurts, as I type my arms hurt, when I walk my legs hurt, I want to go to sleep now, at 8 p.m., but my legs even hurt when I’m sitting.  I know I don’t usually feel this tired after working out, I’m used to going to the gym and feeling ok afterwards. I have been doing this for two years so I’m not this tired afterwards anymore.

Feeling like this makes me fear I may have a seizure, but I have to keep reminding myself that that’s not it, it’s not the same feeling as the Aura I get before a seizure. I’m just really tired and I don’t really want to do anything around the house, not even laundry.

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