Thank God it’s Friday!

I woke up early this morning, too early if you ask me, but I had to substitute for my mom again today. Today was the second time this month, but it's the least I can do, I mean she did give birth to me. So I was still only half awake when we got to … Continue reading Thank God it’s Friday!


Have some empathy and respect

If there is one thing that really bothers me it's people taking advantage of help intended for disabled people. I know I have addressed this issue before but it still shocks me that people do it. Earlier tonight I was at Basking Robbins eating ice cream, obviously. I was seated in front of the windows, … Continue reading Have some empathy and respect

Don’t talk to your mother that way

This morning, as I was eating breakfast, I heard this man yelling outside by the elevators. I didn’t know whom he was yelling at, I thought it might be one of the kids from one of the other apartments on our floor, but he just kept yelling. It was 8 a.m., people could have been … Continue reading Don’t talk to your mother that way