Do you remember that last conversation you had on the phone with a friend? I do, and it made me so happy to receive a call from my friend who I hadn’t seen in a year. Before picking up the phone, I thought it was a butt dial, because I never call my friends, and they never call me; we just text. We spend so much of our lives looking at our phones, that we don’t see the real world, or real people, just their status update. We see the pictures they post on Instagram and Facebook, but they are not really enjoying that party, or that meal, they’re posting it on social media. But we don’t talk to them and ask them how the party or the meal was.

I cannot say I don’t spend a lot of time looking at my phone, because I do, some of my blog posts have been written, and published from my phone. It all makes our lives easier, but when do we say, that’s enough, put your phone away? Where do we stop taking pictures to look at in the future, and just enjoy it now? When did we stop talking to our family at the dinner table because we were looking at our phones?

I say enjoy the show, don’t spend the whole time filming it so you can share it. Tell people about it later, talk to them about it later. One thing is sharing stuff on social media, and another is over sharing. Talk about it and share it later, but enjoy it, don’t waste your life on the mobile device in front of you.

I love my smartphone, tablet, and computer, as much as  the next person, but we all need sometime away from all of that, and not just when we’re sleeping. There is nothing better then sitting in front of a person, talking to them and seeing they’re expression. And this shouldn’t just be left for when we talk to our grandparents, we need to keep this human interaction alive. Put down your phone at the movies, at the gym, in the car, in meetings, in class. Be in the real world for a while, not online.

If this video doesn’t convince you to put down your phone, Nothing probably will.


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