Putting together a multimedia story

Today I spent a little more than 3 hour working and freezing in a very crowded Starbucks. It looked more like a school library or study room than a coffee shop. Every group had at least one computer for the whole group, at most one per person, like us. When my whole group was there, all … Continue reading Putting together a multimedia story


Don’t waste your life on a mobile device

Do you remember that last conversation you had on the phone with a friend? I do, and it made me so happy to receive a call from my friend who I hadn’t seen in a year. Before picking up the phone, I thought it was a butt dial, because I never call my friends, and … Continue reading Don’t waste your life on a mobile device

Find us, friend us

As I mentioned earlier today, Unstoppable Maria is now on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and has an e-mail account. If you would like to look us up: Facebook- Unstoppable Maria Twitter- @unstoppablemar1 Instagram- unstopmaria Tumblr- unstoppablemaria or mariasanfeliu e-mail- unstoppablemaria.pr@gmail.com Google+- Maria Cristina Sanfeliu and YouTube-Maria Cristina Sanfeliu Cruz Like I said, we're growing and we're not done … Continue reading Find us, friend us

We’re growing

With the help of my friend Susie, who told me all the steps I should to start taking to make Unstoppable Maria even more unstoppable, I woke up early this morning with all the energy to begin doing this. I plan to take Unstoppable Maria, which began as a small blog on Word Press, to the … Continue reading We’re growing