After you have been to enough doctors appointments, you get used to the wait, but it’s usually from 10 minutes to an hour. Except for one doctor, this one takes the gold medal for longest wait in over three years. Today I waited for three hours, and there weren’t a lot of patients there. I have seen more in that waiting room. One time I had to wait outside, but today I didn’t think it would be so bad because there were a lot of empty seats inside.

I was wrong, the few people that were there were having surgery, and surgery takes a long time. I wasn’t having surgery so I was in there for like ten minutes when they called my name, after waiting for three hours in the waiting room and I don’t know how long I waited for her when I was called inside.

I used to think this was common in doctors, that all of them made you wait a very long time, but once you get used to going to a lot of them, you realize that’s not really the case. It’s really annoying when they make you waste so much time, in a freezing waiting room, to look as you for five seconds. If they treat everyone like that, what are they doing with the rest of their time?

I hope that none of my friends in med school end up being one of those doctors.


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