Today we had to go all the way to the health care store to argue my case, and I was pumped to argue my case and fight. 

We got there, and the place was empty, it was Thursday afternoon, but we still had to wait because they only had one or two people helping customers. After waiting a little more than 30 minutes I saw the numbers change from 216 to 406. Did they skip my number? That’s when I got more impatient, and the receptionist was just talking to and goofing around with other employees.

I don’t know what held me back but I wanted to start asking why the hell they weren’t calling the next number, but she switched the numbers again and it was my turn. We went through all the empty desks on both sides, to the very last desk on the right, where a lady helped us.

I explained my issue, and she didn’t get on my good side because the first thing she told me was “Did the woman sold you the insurance show you it covered your medicine?” I said she didn’t show me but she told me. “Well you should always ask.” I am not here so you can give me a lesson, I just want you to tell me why no one wants to give me my medicine. I kept repeating that I have epilepsy and there is no cure for epilepsy, but she still kept saying that the health insurance I had before covered it because since it was a group thing, it covers more. Of course, I had an answer for that: Millions of people live with epilepsy; how is this not covered?  No answer.

Finally, she found the answer to why they wouldn’t cover my medicine, and the big deal was a very, very, very stupid little thing. Medicines have specifications, like the amount that can be given per dose, or you have to be a certain age, etc.  Mine has one specification, E.R., meaning extended release, so I take it at 8 p.m. and it lasts until the next day at 8 p.m., but it doesn’t say E.R. in the insurance company’s list of covered medicine. The person who processed my prescription didn’t know that I already took that medicine and it was covered.

Two little letters had cost me a week’s worth of anti-seizure medicine. Can you believe that? I still can’t.

After that big mess some idiot made for not letting me have the Extended Release Keppra, I felt so much better, but I still wanted to argue with somebody. I can’t argue with anybody anymore, I can’t tell them everything I was thinking. I couldn’t tell them they’re idiots, I could have had a seizure because of their ineptitude, and that if they didn’t want to pay for my medicine they could pay for my hospital visits when I started having multiple seizures again.

Don’t mess with epilepsy.



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