Today we tried to see Captain America: Civil War for the second time, but tonight we got in to see the movie. I found this movie, as well as the other Marvel movies I have seen, very entertaining. I don’t know that much of the superheroes’ history, as my brother does, but I can still follow the movie, and later he explains it all to me.

But, as I know do in most movies I see, I was paying attention every time they hit their head or fell down, but they finally showed that someone real consequences after they got hurt, and needed some help rehabilitating. I’m pretty sure he had a brain injury, just like I’m pretty sure most of them have had several of them, but either they have stronger muscles protecting them, or they heal faster. But they never show this, or any other effects of them getting hurt. This is why they are superheroes, what hurts you and me, doesn’t hurt them, but now we were shown that this isn’t always the case.

I was surprised and glad to see this because they finally showed more realistic consequences to all the fighting; I was not glad he got hurt. But I am glad they are now including this side of injury, the side that is real, and can happen to anyone.


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