Well it’s the end of the weekend, we just got back home and I have to say long weekends are exhausting. I’m not saying they’re bad, nothing was bad about this weekend, but I’m really tired and glad to be sleeping in my bed tonight.

During our 2 hour drive home, I kept looking at my cellphone and quickly saw something about a shooting but now that I got home I looked it up to read about it. Apparently, this morning there was a shooting in Houston, Texas. This was an unprovoked shooting near a gas station and because of it two people are dead, six wounded.

It saddens me every time I read or hear news about another shooting. Here I was coming back home feeling happy, when I read about another shooting. When will someone put a stop to this? A stop to people being allowed to go around carrying guns and shooting other people?

I feel bad being so ignorant as to think nothing bad happened this weekend, just because I didn’t hear anything had happened. It’s a horrible thing hearing about this and I just think about the families affected by this


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