The awesome thing about holiday weekends is, not only that it’s a long weekend and we go to the beach, but that we can relax. We not only go to the beach, sometimes we go away to the family beach house. 

My favorite part, after going to the beach and eating a lot is that I read a lot. I don’t have my computer to distract me, just my phone, but I enjoy the time away from the computer to read the book that has taken me much longer that it should to read. I’m still not even halfway there, but I only have 30 pages to go, which I will read before going to bed. 

I should not wait until I don’t have my computer to read, I like reading, but I get distracted. I’m not talking about news or articles because I read those on my computer, tablet or telephone all the time, I’m talking about books, I want to read more books.

I know it’s not a good excuse,  especially since at this time, which is when I would normally read, Ritalin is not making that much effect. I take it at 8 am and it works for 4 hours so that’s long gone by now, but I still do my best to read and write before I go to bed. 

So this summer I want to read some books. Apart from finishing the one I’m reading now, I already know the next two books after that. 


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