All we need is love

Hearing the news about the mass shooting in Orlando was another reminder of why we need love and acceptance in this world. I just keep thinking about all the victims, their friends and families. Our world cannot continue this way. Stop thinking about the differences between you and others, stop judging and criticizing. We don't … Continue reading All we need is love


Shooting in Houston

Well it's the end of the weekend, we just got back home and I have to say long weekends are exhausting. I'm not saying they're bad, nothing was bad about this weekend, but I'm really tired and glad to be sleeping in my bed tonight. During our 2 hour drive home, I kept looking at … Continue reading Shooting in Houston

All the support, love, and letters

I couldn't see the support I got from all of you four years ago when I was in a comma; but I have seen it ever since, and I saw it today when my mom told her friends that yesterday was the four year anniversary. One of them said she doesn't pray, but she prayed … Continue reading All the support, love, and letters

Heart and thoughts with Ecuador

On Saturday, Ecuador was struck by a very powerful earthquake, killing at least 480 people and leaving almost 4,000 injured. The 7.8 magnitude earthquake stuck the coast of Ecuador, and was centered to the west of Esmeraldas. Some survivors have been found, but there is not much hope left, as the search continues for corpses. … Continue reading Heart and thoughts with Ecuador