Today I spent like and hour changing my blog’s theme. Why did it take me so long? I thought it would only take me a minute, just change the theme and that’s it, you’re done. But no, the image doesn’t fit, there’s no room header image, that theme doesn’t use an image for each post, the header image is too small or too big, or the background colors don’t go with my new header image. Nothing looked right, so after an hour I finally found one that did justice to the new header image that my brother custom made for my blog.. After my brother went through the trouble of designing this for me, I couldn’t have just any theme, I had to have one that would look good with the header image.

So  I present the new Unstoppable Maria, or the new image of Unstoppable Maria. It still has all the same stuff, just the new, original header image, which I have to thank my brother for designing and for knowing me well enough to know what I would like. I hope you all like it!


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