I love you guys, so I was really happy when I heard you were coming to Puerto Rico this summer. I have been looking for someone to go to the concert with, but people either say no, which I respect, or just ignore my question and never answer. I thought they were just ridiculous because I thought you were worth the money and I didn’t understand why no one wanted to go. Was it me? Didn’t they want to go with me?

But really looking at the prices and seeing what seats correspond to each price, I understand why people say no or just ignore my question. To be able to see the show the cheapest tickets are $125 and $160; the kinda cheaper tickets go from $90 to $60 and you’re almost on the ceiling. From that distance will barely see you and would be better off seeing the concert later on YouTube. Waiting to see the concert on YouTube is way better for my wallet that spending my two week paycheck on barely seeing you for 2 hours. I still wouldn’t have enough money after getting paid because more than half of that goes to my loans and epilepsy medicines.

Who thought people in Puerto Rico would be able to afford this right now? Haven’t you seen the news? You’re a great band, I’m a fan and I would love to see you live, but I can’t afford this right now. If the prices were lower, me and a lot more people would be able to afford this and maybe the concert would sell out pretty quickly; maybe get enough people to sell out two shows.

This is just cruelty, I want to go and see you guys, but not at these prices; I don’t know but I think somebody should think about making this a little bit more affordable for the common fan. Adam, I’m sure you’re a great guy, help me and the rest of your fans in Puerto Rico go see you. If the concert doesn’t sell out, it wont because you don’t have fans here, because you do, it is because we can’t pay those prices. For me it’s either getting my anti-epilepsy medicine or going to barely see you. Can you do something about this?




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