Hearing the news about the mass shooting in Orlando was another reminder of why we need love and acceptance in this world. I just keep thinking about all the victims, their friends and families. Our world cannot continue this way. Stop thinking about the differences between you and others, stop judging and criticizing. We don’t need all this hate in the world. In the words of John Lennon and Paul McCartney, All you need is love.

Don’t teach people to hate, teach people to love and accept one another. We are all different, we all live in the same world, in the same countries and communities, lets make space for other people and other ways of thinking, lets make friends and learn from them. Don’t hate people who are different than you or are happy, be happy too.

This is the second shooting I hear about this week; first one was a young singer, Christina Grimmie, now it’s the Orlando shooting. What has happened that we can’t even go a day without hearing about someone, or a lot of people getting killed. This makes me very, very afraid and sad. All of these victims were out, having a good time; why are they all dead or injured now?

They are calling this the biggest mass murder in the U.S since 9/11; if this isn’t the last straw to enforce gun control, I don’t know what will be.

If you want to make a difference, visit End Retail Sales of Any Automatic, or Assault, Weapon in the United States and sign the petition.


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