So it looks like people think live animals are toys they can play with. How do we end up in a world where people don’t know how to react to other living organisms? I have to admit, I freaked out the time I was snorkeling and a bunch of turtles showed up, but I didn’t hurt them, my brother was the only victim when I freaked out.

It really is a shame that a turtle gets hurt because people want to take pictures with it. They saw this turtle at the beach and thought let’s bring it out here for a photo shoot. This encounter caused the turtle many injuries, including some to the head. You can take all the pictures you want, but give it some space, treat it like a celebrity; you can look but don’t touch.

This turtle has to be taken out of her habitat to be saved, just because some people didn’t know how to leave a turtle alone. Animals are not our toys, people don’t respect them, but then are outraged when they don’t know how to react to us invading their space. Really?

Killing, hurting, and abusing for our own entertainment? And we call ourselves humans with morals?

Sea Turtle Recovering After Being Stepped on and Beaten for Selfies
People Pulled This Sea Turtle From The Ocean To Take Pictures With It

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