Being Puerto Rican, I know that speaking spanish anywhere but here, people always think I’m from any of the other Spanish speaking places in the world, especially people who don’t speak Spanish. People immediately think I’m Mexican or Dominican,  when I’m Puertorican; people see us all as the same thing. We are not, we have different cultures, even our Spanish is not all the same. Because of people’s ignorant thinking towards hispanics, especially a racist and close minded person, I’m happy to be home right now, where everybody knows I’m Puerto Rican.

This ignorant way of thinking about people of other cultures is not only directed towards Hispanic people, and it’s sometimes tougher on other cultures. This has been something Muslim Americans have had to deal with for years, and right now this has gotten to another level. The acts of a small group of close-minded people who happen to be Muslims, has turned into hatred towards all Muslims.

I want to share this article I found through Facebook, written by Aziz Ansari, where he shares his feelings towards this situation. In my opinion, this article is a great example of the way discrimination affects minorities in the U.S.  and all around the world.

Aziz Ansari: Why Trump makes me scared for my family
We are all sharing one world, living together in one world, we cannot let this hate and ignorance divided us and hurt us. Don’t let this madness continue.


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