Blue Moon

I want to start off by saying that writing notes on my wall worked, I called the driving instructor this morning and I made an appointment for driving lessons. I have not one, but two driving lessons in February. Apart from that, as some of you may know there is a Blue Moon tonight, at … Continue reading Blue Moon


Have some empathy and respect

If there is one thing that really bothers me it's people taking advantage of help intended for disabled people. I know I have addressed this issue before but it still shocks me that people do it. Earlier tonight I was at Basking Robbins eating ice cream, obviously. I was seated in front of the windows, … Continue reading Have some empathy and respect

Justice for Catholic school teachers

I studied in catholic school, from Pre-k to 12th grade. I went to church, got my first communion, and confirmation in catholic school. It's been eight years since I graduated high school and I may not go to church a lot but I remember what I was taught and I try  live my life by … Continue reading Justice for Catholic school teachers

If you’re an Olympian, act like one

So, four swimmers in the U.S. Olympic team lied about being robbed at gun point in Rio and the International Olympic Committee said they were there to have fun, give them a break? Aren't they there to represent their country in a civilized manner? Aren't they supposed to follow rules just like they would anywhere … Continue reading If you’re an Olympian, act like one

And now we’re hurting turtles?

So it looks like people think live animals are toys they can play with. How do we end up in a world where people don't know how to react to other living organisms? I have to admit, I freaked out the time I was snorkeling and a bunch of turtles showed up, but I didn't … Continue reading And now we’re hurting turtles?

What is it now health insurance?

Everything was going great since we resolved the mess with the Health insurance, or I thought we solved it; but noooo, they want to mess with me again. This time it's not really an emergency because it's just Ritalin, but come on, do they want to keep messing with the TBI patient? Now they say … Continue reading What is it now health insurance?

¿Dónde está Robin Hood?

Otro fondo de pensiones que se agota ¿De verdad?  En vez de ayudar a la crisis económica, como buenos Cristianos, los maestros de escuelas católicas se quedan sin pensión.  ¿En qué gastaron ese dinero que le habían prometido a estos maestros que yo veo todos los días fajados para darte una buena educación para los … Continue reading ¿Dónde está Robin Hood?

Deadpool- Don’t bring your kids

I have to say I was a little shocked and very disappointed at a lot of parents when I went to the movies tonight. I went to see Dead Pool. By the things I had heard about it, I thought I was going to be scared, but to my surprise, I wasn't. It was funny, … Continue reading Deadpool- Don’t bring your kids