I talked about my grandpa, and now I want to talk about my grandma. They both deserve their own separate posts because they are both very important and very interesting. I hope she already knows how much I love her, and how important she is in my life, but if she doesn’t, here goes.

Just like my grandpa is the best grandpa, my grandma is the best grandma, and together they are the best grandparents. Every time I call her she gets happy, any time any of her grandchildren call her she gets happy, and that is something everybody needs; that person who is happy just hearing your voice. She is that person for all of us, that person that always makes yo feel good. She is one of a kind, and shows me how to be confident and not care what other people say.

Abuela has always been there, from taking care of me when I was little, to making her amazing rice just for me.She is and has always been there for us, her 8 grandchildren, for her 4 daughters, and for her husband, and she was there for me after my accident. She showed me how to be strong and brave, never letting cancer get the best of her, and showing me that I could beat a brain injury. We both fought together, and I learned from her to never, ever give up.

I don’t think she’s like other grandmas. She is my grandma, the engineer, the chef, the boss, and I love her.


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